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First day of Uni survived!

Didn’t make a colossal tit of myself either. Huzzah!

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*crawls into your lap* *grabs our face with both of my hands* *whispers* buy me books for my birthday

*whispers back* Which ones?

*screams* ALL OF THEM

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  1. Van Helsing: Do not be alarmed by anything you see tonight. Remember, that vampire is not the Lucy you knew, and is not acting with her own mind.
  2. Jack: Does that include rejecting my proposal?
  3. Van Helsing: No, that was probably a rational and well-informed decision.
  4. Jack: Aww...
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… but she was not Her.*

*The Egregious Professor of Grammar and Usage would have corrected this to ‘she was not she’, which would have caused the Professor of Logic to spit out his drink.

Unseen Academicals, Terry Pratchett.
Just one of the hundreds of reasons I love Pratchett’s work! <3 (via coffeechaosandcookies)
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All eight fayths from Final Fantasy X

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A quick little thing between commissions with Auer and Kimi's Orrik. They're…. adventure buddies…..obviously….„, sweats loudly

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Discworld headcannon where an orphan dropped off at the Assassin’s Guild and one at the Thieves’ Guild meet in their teenage rebellious years. She doesn’t want to be an assassin and she doesn’t want to steal, so they train each other during the day.

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Sometimes, when a man has made such a foul and tangled mess of his life that death appears to be the only option, an angel appears and offers him a change of life. I should like you to think of me as that angel.

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The sun never sets on the British Empire because God doesn’t trust the British in the dark.

My extremely angry history teacher, quoting his extremely angry grandfather. 

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